Data Usage Agreement

  1. The BiodivERsA database (content and website), whatever its informatics structure and host site, is own by the BiodivERsA consortium.
  2. The BiodivERsA database is freely accessible to everyone; however, user registration is mandatory.
  3. Data completeness and correctness are not guaranteed. Indications on possible gaps are provided on the database website, under Links.
  4. Data quality is the responsability of BiodivERsA partners (=i.e. the Data Sources).
  5. The Legal requirements for releasing the data are under the responsibility of the BiodivERsA partners.
  6. Re-use of data for commercial usage is forbidden. It is also forbidden to replicate its content in a mirror database.
  7. Re-use of data for non-commercial usage is subject to prior acceptance by the BiodivERsA Executive Board.
  8. Re-use of data should be clearly acknowledged according to guidelines provided by BiodivERsA.
  9. Users will always show due attribution to the owner, such as "Data are derived from the BiodivERsA database, accessed on 2024-05-29".

This database belongs to the BiodivERsA consortium (ownership agreement - 2013), and it is hosted by the Belgian Biodiversity Platform (v20131211) / BiodivERsA Privacy and Data Policy